UberStudent must become self-sustaining.

While UberStudent is distributed free to users, it costs its developers about $300 per month to provide. High speed Internet access, domain hosting, bandwidth, and electricity are among the monthly costs.

Please consider donating an amount that is reasonable according to your ability. Even small amounts add up


If you are truly unable to donate directly, we understand. But you can still financially support UberStudent!

  • Buy pre-made UberStudent discs and give them away. 
  • Use the links in UberStudent and in the few ads at for common student purchases. When you do, UberStudent receives a small referral fee that does not affect the cost of your purchases.
  • Get an UberCool t-shirt or mug emblazoned with the UberStudent logo, and promote UberStudent at the same time! For each item you purchase, you support UberStudent with around U.S. $3.
  • Get UberStudent stickers, a mousepad or cap with the UberStudent logo. We get around 15% of each purchase.