UberStudent 2.0.4 is Here!

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UPDATE: Version 3.0 is now available.

After many months of hard work, I'm pleased to announce the immediate availability of UberStudent 2.0.4!

You can get it right now but you might wish to first read on. Here's the press release.

As many are already aware, Linux  desktop environments have undergone a period of significant change since UberStudent 1.0 was released. Gnome took a hard turn toward the tablet market, injecting much discontentedness among users, a few forks, and a few new projects, only one which is mature, Unity, which has both its fans and haters (I myself dislike it).  And it's not just Linux. Microsoft introduced it's own redefined desktop, Windows 8. A lot of heads are still shaking at it all. UberStudent 2.0.4 retains a traditional desktop environment by choice. Both XFCE and MATE are boot options, with XFCE the default.

I won't bore you with further descriptions. You can take the tour. And you might do well to read the Release Notes.

You've certainly noticed the redesigned UberStudent website. During the last two years I was able to acquire uberstudent.com and uberstudent.net to round out uberstudent.org. The plan is to use .com for the main site and promotion, .org for development, and .net for repositories. The .com site is built on Drupal. The former Moodle site produced needless barriers to users, since Moodle never seemed to consistently handle user self-registration. The Help link here at the Drupal site goes to phpBB-based forums (UPDATE: now the UberStudent Documentation Wiki). A bridge module enables you to register once at either the forums or the Drupal site--one registration for both areas of the site. I'll of course make regular rounds at the forums. I'm currently exploring my best options to create a section of the site for how-tos and such (UPDATE: see the Documentation Wiki). I'm pretty pleased with Drupal, so far. 

Happy Learning!

Stephen Ewen


Great Work - Thanks for letting me be one of the "advance users"  -   I really look forward to the 32 Bit version - as my "primary"  PC is only 32.   The 64 bit box is upstairs in another room.
Just a "wish list issue"  - but it would be great if there were a way to install it  "non PAE"  - if  at all possible.  

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32-bit is forthcoming. :)