Lightweight Edition Released

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I'm very pleased to announce the release of UberStudent Lightweight Edition. It is designed to reinvigorate older or slower computers, and for Netbooks, as well as for anyone who simply prefers a lightweight Linux distribution. Great care and testing has gone in to aiming this release as the most feature-filled, polished, and stable lightweight Linux distribution available for education, as well as for general purposes.

UberStudent Lightweight Edition features a synergy of smartly chosen installed applications and web-apps. The result is a remarkably full-featured desktop that enables you to yet be productive even if you lack Internet access. You won't need to spend hours or days getting this system ready for productivity. UberStudent Lightweight is lightweight, not bare bones. The size of the ISO file is 694 MBs, just small enough to fit on to a single CD. It can also be run and installed from a USB drive using a program such a unetbootin. I'm confident you'll be as pleased as I am with this release. 

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Read the full Release Notes here.





using the new light verson and love it only one problem I have a samsung usb dvd burner and when I try to burn get error message that it can not identify the drive speed and will not burn have tried brasero, k3b and get the same problem with both   any help would be appreciated.   I tried to put this in the fourm but it will not let me introduce a new post.